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Launching digitisation in nursing with nursIT and the KHZG

In the past, there were a number of hurdles, but also excuses, as to why nursing care was only given secondary consideration with digital support. The Hospital Future Act (KHZG) invalidates these arguments and even demands digital nursing documentation with a malus regulation (from 2025).

The nursing expert software careIT Pro from nursIT fulfils all criteria of the funding criteria 3, 4 & 5 and is thus eligible for funding through the KHZG.

In the areas of lobbying and self-promotion, nursing has a unique opportunity these days to wring a benefit from the Corona pandemic for precisely these topics. The knowledge of the market situation is in the hands of nurses and their leaders anyway. And the previously often perceived as a killer argument, unspoken but ever-present thought of many managers "care must not cost anything" has been invalidated by the KHZG. But only for a limited time and not really for long....

And so a small virus and a large amount of money made available by the federal and state governments - 4.3 billion euros - make this opportunity so historic.

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In our expert impulse, we explored the question of what care has to gain from the KHZG, how needs become concrete funding and what the market offers for care. Watch the complete expert pulse as a video:

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