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The Curve - eChart

With our approach of a widget-based curve, we take into account the fact that the curve serves as an important instrument for several professional groups at the same time and should also fulfil different requirements in different settings. We therefore want to "square the circle" and present a wealth of information from nursing as well as treatment care clearly and tailored to the needs of the respective user. Our widgets are individual components of the curve that can be added or removed depending on the occupational group and setting, so that in situations such as ward rounds, service handovers, discussions with relatives or vital sign rounds, only the information that is needed at that particular moment is brought together in a clear manner. This can be done at the moment or by presetting and saving different widget constellations. For example, a doctor can save a combination of widgets that he or she needs for the ward round and a nurse can save one for the afternoon duty handover.


Individual widgets have more of a view character. In them, digital information from various documentation components has been taken over and clearly brought together. Other widgets allow for direct input and process initiation from within the widget. What they all have in common is that users can obtain information quickly, initiate processes immediately and also communicate with each other in a better, more direct and comprehensible way.

We therefore offer widgets on the following topics
, among others.
  • History note
  • Vital values graphically
  • Vital values tabular,
  • Medication
  • Excretion/Nutrition
  • Scales & scores
  • Balance sheet
  • Diagnosis
  • Therapy & Treatment
  • ToDo lists
  • Checklists
  • Diabetes and
  • Interventions


The display within the widget-based curve is configurable in terms of the number of days to be displayed. Also, the various vital signs parameters can be selected and deselected in the display in the temperature curve. Vital sign data can either be entered manually into the temperature curve or digitally recorded and displayed directly with the help of smart devices, spot monitors or patient-side devices. All entries from Grafixx also appear in tabular form in the graph.

The same applies to medication. Here, preparations can be transferred from a storable catalogue. For each preparation, the order type, dosage, quantity and unit must be entered. According to the frequency of administration, the doses are automatically distributed to previously defined time windows. By clicking on the administration of a preparation, the various stages of medication management can be accessed.

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