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careIT - The care expert software

Process support through a digital, mobile and automated care expert platform by care professionals for care professionals. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) by nursIT

KHZG - Hospital Future Act

The nursing expert software careIT from nursIT fulfils all criteria of funding criteria 3, 4 and 5 and is therefore eligible for funding by the KHZG.


The nursing expert software

For fast and comprehensive
careIT with its components is the
components is the central basis.

Based on the medical history and our nursing assessment SeMPA, an analysis of all essential risks and key figures is created. From this, the nursing diagnoses and the necessary nursing measures are derived in carMa. The care plan can then be created from these. Its execution can be documented quickly and easily, both on stationary computers, trolleys and mobile tablets. The optional eChart care chart also replaces the paper-based chart.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) by nursIT


The Self-Care Meta-Care Assessmen

The self-care meta-care assessment SeMPA enables the automatic derivation of the most important care-relevant risks and scores of the respective setting via its analysis.

In addition to the area of acute care, SeMPA also covers the areas of intensive and long-term care, home care and also paediatric and psychiatric care in the respective characteristics.

The intelligent combination of assessment criteria eliminates the need for double documentation, which makes it possible to document the complete care process in about 10 minutes.

No duplicate documentation

Saves up to 90 minutes per patient per day

Acute care, long-term care, intensive care, home care, paediatric care, psychiatric care

Derivation of the most important nursing-relevant risks and scores of the respective setting


The database of nursing diagnoses and measures

Targeted and comprehensive care needs the right measures. These are derived from the risks and scores of SeMPA in carMa, our database of nursing diagnoses and measures.

From carMa, the measures to be applied can be transferred to the current care plan with one click. Each hospital has the option of adapting parts of the measures to its own internal catalogue or to use other catalogues.

Automatic suggestions for nursing diagnoses and nursing measures

Simplified care plan creation

High patient safety and quality of care

Increased employee satisfaction


The digital curve

The Curve eChart is a central place for doctors, nursing and others involved in the care process. It is customisable and includes widgets such as vital signs, orders, medication etc.

eChart is a separate curve module for careIT that clearly displays various risks, vital signs, measures and medication. It can completely replace the paper-based curve with a dynamic, digital curve.

With currently 12 widgets, the curve can be individually adapted for each ward and the therapeutic teams' area of responsibility. In this way, the information remains clear and quick to grasp, while all values beyond this can of course still be viewed.

Customisable, see only what is important

Current digital curve for all stakeholders

Medication is also included in eChart

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